Blogmas Day 11: Motivating Quotes

Hey guys and welcome back to Blogmas day 11! I took a brief hiatus because sometimes we just need to live in the moment and that’s what I took a break for. 🙂 This past weekend, I wanted to disconnect from social media and take that time to enjoy my family’s company. This is theContinue reading “Blogmas Day 11: Motivating Quotes”

Blogmas Day 3: How to Make an Instagram-worthy Hot Cocoa

I’m not a fan of hot beverages, but this is my one exception. Hot chocolate is one of my favorite childhood drinks that made it into my adulthood must-have drinks for the Holidays! Welcome to Blogmas Day 2 so happy that you’re reading this! 🙂 Ingredients: Cutest Holiday Cup you can find Cadbury hot chocolateContinue reading “Blogmas Day 3: How to Make an Instagram-worthy Hot Cocoa”

Blogmas Day 2: Some Of My Favorite Christmas Movies

Welcome back to day two of my Blogmas series! Here in Florida, the weather is in the 40s!!!! Which is insane, but I’m so happy that it feels like Winter…well to use Floridians at least. I have been taking advantage and watching tons of Christmas movies with my kids and husband which inspired me toContinue reading “Blogmas Day 2: Some Of My Favorite Christmas Movies”

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