My Night Skincare Routine

Happy Tuesday guys! I hope your new year is going great this far and I also hope you guys found my Morning skincare routine helpful! Today, I decided to share with you my super easy night skincare routine because it’s even more important in my opinion then my morning skincare routine. While you sleep, your body is healing and repairing itself. So, it’s very important to take a few minutes for your skincare routine.

Step 1: Remove Makeup

I’m sure you heard a million times that going to sleep in makeup is the worst thing ever! Lol. It really is. Think about your pores soaking in all the makeup, dirt and oil from the day and it results in clogged pores which result in terrible skin. It takes a minute to remove your makeup so I suggest you just do it. Your skin will reward you by being bright, clean and definitely more clear then if you were to not remove your makeup. To remove my makeup, I just take a bit of the Farmacy Meltaway and it seriously does the job. It takes away any waterproof makeup that you may have had on that day as well.

Step 2: Cleanse

I use Aveeno Brightening Facial cleanser which is the same face wash as I do in the morning and I absolutely love it. It gives a beautiful glow to your skin as if you drank tons of water and it also leaves your skin less texturized which is also really nice. I apply this cleanser with my fingers and work it in for about 30 seconds to a minute.

Step 3: Exfoliate

I exfoliate my skin every night and that’s just what works for me. I don’t recommend this unless you know your skin can handle it. I use the Aveeno 60-second in-shower facial and I absolutely love this product. It takes the glow to another level and it also gets rid of any dead skin that may be on your face. If you want to give your skin a treat, I apply this onto any silicone facial brush and work it in that way. It feels so nice on my skin. I also recommend silicone for the reason that it’s easier to clean and holds less germs which is always nice.

Step 4: Pat Dry

I include this in my night skincare routine because it is important not to be rough on your skin by wiping your face dry. I notice that patting my face dry with a microfiber towel not only leaves my skin feeling nice, but it also doesn’t take away all the moisture and leave it red and irritated.

Step 5: Tone

After all the cleansing, it’s time to put back good oils and balance our Skin’s PH levels out. I use witch hazel as a toner and I just apply it on a cotton round and rub it on my face. Gently of course.

Step 6: Moisturize

I keep my moisturizing simple. I use the Watermelon sleep mask by Glow and pat it on my face. This stuff is seriously amazing and cools your face down, moisturizes it and smells so yummy! That’s all that I use for moisturizer in the night because I like to make sure I keep it pretty simple.

Step 7: Water and Sweet Dreams

Before heading to bed, I love drinking a glass of water and going straight to bed. I find that whenever I do this, not only does my skin feel and looks good, but my body also thanks me too!

What is a must-have skincare product that you need for your night routine?

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