Blogmas Day 17: How to: Look and Feel your best

Good morning and welcome back to Blogmas Day 17! I hope you guys are staying safe this holiday season and feeling your best despite this year’s obstacles that were thrown at us. Which brings me to today’s post. I’ll be giving you some tips on how to look and feel your best!

Throw on a cute outfit

Getting out of your usual clothes and actually wearing a put together outfit can instantly make you feel FANTASTIC. So, out with the t shirt and in with a super cute tunic, blouse or a cute sweater. You can still rock leggings for a comfy touch, but just changing your shirt to a fancier one makes all the difference. You can even opt out of wearing sneakers to a cute heeled bootie. 🙂 If you aren’t feeling any of that, then adding a few accessories to make your outfit pop is the way to go. Get ready for the compliments and “sleigh” the day.

Put a bit of makeup on

This is definitely optional and don’t worry, you should feel great with or without makeup, but if you’re anything like me then makeup makes you confidence. I love playing with different shades and overall just having that relaxing time to “paint” my face makes me feel fantastic!

Rock a bold lip color

I love doing a natural eye look with winged liner and a bold lip. Nothing says confident like a bold lip and who knows, maybe you’ll end up feeling your best.

Get a facial

Facials are great for so many reasons and who doesn’t want to relax and get pampered and walk out with the best looking and feeling skin you could possibly have? I know I do! Not only are you helping yourself, but you may be helping a small business out.

Drink tons of water

Drinking tons of water automatically boosts my mood and I’m not to sure why. Not only is it good for you, but your skin and hair will thank you a bunch by glowing! 🙂

Stress free is the way to be

If you’re like me and stress over the smallest situations then change now! If you can’t change it then is it really worth stressing? Always remember good comes after bad so now go out there and move on from stress! 🙂

What do you like to do to look and feel your best?

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