Blogmas Day 10: Talkative Thursday

Hey guys and welcome back to Blogmas day 10! Since I want to use Blogmas to get to know you guys better, I decided to make today’s post more interactive. Let’s use the comment section to answer the question and have a great conversation.

The topic for today is Sweets because let’s face it, during the holidays we all like to indulge in some type of sweet treat.

What’s your favorite sweet treat during the holidays?

It could be one treat or multiple and if you have links to the recipe, it’s a bonus for all of us.

My answer: I love Chocolate chip cookies during the holidays and even year round. It tastes delicious with a glass of milk. My favorite brand would be the Nestle Toll house minis. It’s the right amount of chocolatey and the right amount of sweet. I also like soft baked cookies. The only hard cookie that I like is Oreos of course haha or the fudge striped cookies from Keebler. If you guys haven’t tried it then you seriously need to! It’s so good.

Another treat that I love is the Lindt chocolates with caramel on the inside. It’s so creamy and for some reason reminds me of the holiday season. Maybe it’s because the wrapper looks like an ornament. Haha

The last, but not final holiday treat that I look forward to is Cheese cake because you can never go wrong with a slice of cheesecake. šŸ™‚

Hope you guys liked today’s question and if you have an answer, make sure to leave it in the comments below.

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