Blogmas Day 4: Product Review: Mini Rouge Dior Lipstick Set

With the holidays quickly approaching what better way to treat yourself or someone else to this stunning mini lipstick set by Dior?


Dior has a very luxurious style when it comes to their products and it’s no surprise that even this has luxurious written all over it. I love the gold, holiday look of the packaging. The way Dior Rouge is placed on the front sets a bold statement. I also think it’s helpful that they display the colors included in this set on the back with the names of them well-labeled. When you open it up, you’re greeted with a beautiful velvet black border and faced with a deep red. So bold and classy. The packaging is still the same as the Rouge Dior Lipsticks, just in a mini size that’s so irresistible.

What’s included?

This Mini lipstick set comes with 4 mini lipsticks. 2 matte shades and 2 satin shades. I think this is perfect mix because you have the best of both worlds. The shades that this set has are

  • 999 Matte
  • 555 Dolce Vita
  • 772 Classic Matte
  • 434 Promenade


This set with 4 mini lipsticks is priced at $50. Many of you may think it’s pricey but if you put it this way it won’t seem expensive.

A full sized rouge Dior lipsticks is $38 for 3.4 grams. Each mini lipstick from the set is 1.5 grams so it averages too $12.50 per mini lipstick. I don’t think this is a bad price for the sole fact that you’ll be able to try out 4 new lipsticks for a smaller price than purchasing 4 full sized lipsticks for a heavier price tag.


This lipstick smells so delicate and actually now that I think about it, the lipsticks smell like the new baby smell. Weird right? Haha.

Beneficial Ingredients:

Each of these lipsticks are formulated with mango butter and hyaluronic acid. Both of these ingredients ensure that your lips stay hydrated, plump and full of life.

Swatches and Names

  • Matte: Red
  • Promenade: Hazelnut
  • Dolce Vita: light Rosewood
  • Classic Matte: Brick
The shade 999 Matte 😍

Application and wear

From the beginning, I knew that these lipsticks were going to go on very smoothly, just by the swatches. I was right about that.

As far as the wear, I love how the matte lipsticks went on so smooth and looked so beautiful and rich in color. The Matte lipsticks would’ve lasted longer on me had I not started eating haha. But it lasts about 4 hours without touching up, so perfect for holiday shopping or any holiday party you’ll be going to. Now for the satin lipsticks, they didn’t last as long as the matte ones, but If you’re okay with reapplying your lipstick throughout the day, then this is perfect for you. Keep in mind that Dior never made these to last all day! They just claim that this is 16 hours of hydration which is absolutely true. Not once did my lips feel dry or look dry.


  • Beautiful colors
  • Mini sized
  • Great packaging
  • Beautiful application
  • Makes you feel a little bit luxurious


  • Pretty high price point
  • Doesn’t stay on for a long period of time
  • Colors are a bit similar

Final thoughts

My final thoughts are that this is an overall great lipstick set. The colors are all wearable and would look stunning on any skin tone. It’s not only perfect shades for the holidays, but also perfect year round. I love that they are mini sized so it’s perfect to toss in your bag for any touchups you may need throughout the day. I think this would also be a great gift for someone just starting out their makeup journey. I also love the beneficial ingredients they added into this lipstick to ensure your lips stay hydrated! A nice little touch as that it’s made in France as their other products are so it gives you a little touch from somewhere other than where you live which makes it that much more special. On the flip side, I felt that some of the shades looked very similar, but still all very wearable.

Would I recommend?

Absolutely! I love the mini sized lipsticks which are perfect to travel with, the packaging, the smell, and how good it felt when applied. Never did it leave my lips dry which is a winner in my opinion. The fact that it’s a hydrating lipstick causes it to not be as long wearing as other lipsticks, but I’m ok with touching up my lipstick throughout the day. 🙂

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Have you tried this lipstick set or are you thinking about purchasing it? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

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